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About Internet-Fax-Service.Net

Internet-Fax-Service.net is an online fax services directory . We don't charge for a listing to our directory . Our goal is to make consumers make the best and most informed decision in choosing the right internet fax service . There are hundreds of online fax services but we ensure that only those companies that meet out strict criteria are listed in the top 10 internet fax services , because choosing the right internet fax service is very important . In choosing any company to be among the top 10 online fax services we take many factors into consideration such as affordability , if such company provide fax to email feature , if users will be able to send fax directly from their mobile device and over the web and many other factors that will lead to a more reliable service .

We also provide an education area in which beginners and even veterans to online faxing may learn new things about sending faxes online best practices. You will also find many definitions here with important explanations regarding internet faxing .

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