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Article provided by: NC Smart Call

Shift Call Out Software

Top Reasons Why You Need Shift Call Out Software:

- If you’re not already using a shift call out program, you’re wasting company resources. NC Smart Call uses the latest in technology to automate real-time communication of available shifts to your employees, allowing them to respond as their schedule enables them to. Using NC Smart Call, you can reliably fill shifts faster, and with the right employees, over manually filing in your schedule. Learn more about NC Smart Call when you visit online and click on the ‘Smart Call’ link.

- Shift call out software is beneficial to your agency for a variety of reasons. Top on the list is its ability to positively impact your bottom line. With NC Smart Call, you can reduce the time it typically takes to fill a shift, improve accuracy in scheduling, schedule more strategically, anticipate upcoming needs, eliminate waste, and ensure a level of care that is above standard. As a cloud-based software platform, NC Smart Call streamlines the process of getting the word out to your staff, making it possible to eliminate the human error and allow automation to take over. The result is a more dynamic scheduling process your company simply can’t do without.

- Estimate your projected savings by using NC Smart Call’s shift call out software by clicking on the blue ‘Estimate Your Savings’ link, located on the home page. You can easily project how life will be with NC Smart Call as your program by filling in a few pieces of information, such as number of employees, time it currently takes to fill a shift manually, scheduler wage, and other criteria. Just click on Calculate to find out how much you can potentially save annually. If you thought you couldn’t afford an automated shift call out software, you’ll quickly discover you can’t afford not to integrate NC Smart Call into your scheduling process.

- The  average time it takes to manually fill a shift for most industries is approximately 28 minutes. With NC Smart Call, the cloud-based automated system can fill a shift in about 4 minutes. That translates to a lot of time saved and a lot of hassle avoided. Your employees will love being able to claim a shift over their mobile devices rather than having to stop what they’re doing and take a phone call, or reply to messages.

- NC Smart Call believes your patients deserve a higher level of care, and that it can be achieved by saving time during the process of scheduling. As the challenges for health care providers and vendors continue to increase, NC Smart Call has stepped up their game and delivered an innovative approach to ensuring their clients can provide quality care and uphold patient safety while worrying less about trivialities, like scheduling. Find out more about the best shift call out software on the market today by visiting NCSmartCall.com and clicking on the ‘About Us’ link, where you can learn more about how their automated system can help your practice achieve your goals.

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