RingCentral- Best Internet Email To Fax Service Review 2019

RingCentral purposely built for small businesses is the industrial leader for powerful internet fax service by enabling businesses to send and receive documents without the need for a fax machine . With RingCentral you can send fax to your recipients via email , directly from your pc or you can send and receive faxes from any smartphone such as iphone , Blackberry phone , Android devices and more . With RingCentral anyone can send 500 free fax pages per Month for just $7.99 . RingCentral now offers the ability to send faxes from all Microsoft office applications such as outlook , word , powerpoint and more . You will also be notified by email or sms when ever you receive a new fax .

Sending faxes online with RingCentral saves you time and money because you don't need to own a fax machine any more and you don't need to worry about getting ink or paper for a fax machine . RingCentral offer a 30 days free trial for you to test their service .

RingCentral Free Registration

Anyone can try RingCentral internet fax service completely free for 30 days . To register with RingCentral you need to go to their website and select the RingCentral plan that's right for you . RingCentral provide 3 different plans . The first plan will enable you to fax 500 free pages per Month for $7.99 . The second plan will enable you to fax 1000 free pages per Month for $19.99 while the third plan will enable you to fax 2500 free fax pages per Month for $49.99 . After selecting your plan , you will need to choose your fax number then you will also need to provide your contact information including your email address that you'll be using for sending and receiving faxes . A valid payment method is needed for the registration process so you'll need to provide your credit card information . Your credit card will not be charged during your 30 days free trial but if you keep using RingCentral faxing service after your 30 days trial then your credit card will be charged . If you don't want to use RingCentral faxing service after your free trial then you'll need to cancel your account by contacting their customer support at 1-888-898-4591 . Once you've provided your credit card information RingCentral will verify your phone number and finally your RingCentral account will be created .

Sending A Fax

With RingCentral faxes can be send and receive through 3 methods . With the first method faxes can be sent and receive using your email address . With the second method faxes can be sent directly from your PC and Mac applications and with the third method faxes can be sent and receive from any smart phone such as iphone , Blackberry phone and more .

To Send A Fax By Email

To send a fax by email you'll first need to login into your email account such as yahoo mail , hotmail etc . Once you've login into your account simply create a new email message. In the To field ,type the fax number of the recipient followed by @rcfax.com .e.g 6505551236@rcfax..com . If you're sending fax internationally the fax number must include the country code . Next in the subject field type the name of the person you're sending the fax to and in the message field write a short message and finally attach the document you want to fax then click send . You will receive an email confirmation incase your fax was successfully sent . ( Note that you must be a registered RingCentral member to send and receive email faxes .)

Sending Fax Through RingCentral Online Interface .

To send fax online , you'll need to login into your RingCentral account using your login information . Once you've login , you'll be able to send or receive faxes as well as review your fax logs . You can also view all your faxes within your account .

Sending Fax From Windows Application

As soon as you sign up with RingCentral , RingCentral is integrated with microsoft windows . You'll see a RingCentral fax icon on your windows applications such as outlook , word etc . When you click the fax icon on your application toolbar or select it from the file menu of your application , your document will be converted to a fax and can be sent to any fax machine to the US , Canada and any other country worldwide .

Sending Fax From Your iphone , Blackberry Phone And Other Mobile Devices .

RingCentral offers free downloadable apps for your iphone and Blackberry devices . Once you've install the RingCentral app on your smartphone , you will be able to view fax messages as soon as they arrive . You'll be alert . You will also be able to use your smartphone to send and forward faxes by email .

RingCentral Customer Support

RingCentral offer toll free support from 8a.m to 10p.m ET Monday to Friday . 10a.m to 7p.m ET on saturday and from 11a.m to 8p.m ET on sunday . The website also has some training videos and online FAQ with almost all answer provided . You can also contact RingCentral by filling out an online form .

Ringcentral Free Trial

RingCentral provide a free 30 days trial that will enable you to send or receive 500 free fax pages . To sign up for the free trial you'll need to provide a valid credit card . However make sure to cancel your free trial before it expires or else your credit card will be charged $7.99 per Month .

RingCentral Pricing Plan

RingCentral offer 3 different pricing plans

  Plan Price/Month
1 Send or receive 500 fax pages per Month

$7.99 per Month.To send any additional page cost $0.059

2 Send or receive 1000 fax pages per Month $19.99 per Month . To send any additional page cost $0.049
3 Send or receive 2500 fax pages per Month . $49.99 per Month . To send any additional page cost $0.039

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