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Send2Fax- Email To Fax Software Review 2018

Send2Fax is an email to fax software that allows individuals and small businesses to email fax documents using their email client service such as yahoo mail, hotmail, Gmail and more. Send2Fax will enable you to fax the following documents adobe acrobat PDF, Group 3 TIF image, Microsoft word, excel , powerpoint, Html , Plain text , GIF, PNG, JPEG and RTF. Send2Fax enable anyone with an internet connected PC and an email account to send and receive fax documents. You don't need to install any software or need any hardware to use Send2Fax. Send2Fax also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft office applications such as MS word, MS excel and MS powerpoint. You can send faxes using the interfaces of these applications.

To use Send2Fax , you'll need a fax number and an email address. Anyone can try Send2Fax completely free for 1 Month where you'll be able to send 150 fax pages or receive 150 fax pages. After the 1 Month free trial period you'll need to start paying $8.95 Monthly.

Send2Fax free registration

Anyone can register and trial Send2Fax completely free. To register with Send2Fax you just need to go to their website and click the sign up button. During the registration process, you'll need to choose your local fax number which is completely free. You'll need to provide the email address that you'll use for sending and receiving your faxes. You'll need to provide a valid credit card information during the registration process. At the end of each Month, Send2Fax will bill your credit card for any email faxing charges incurred during that Month. Once you have registered with Send2Fax you can try their service completely free for 30 days. During this period you'll be able to send 150 fax pages or receive 150 fax pages. After your 1 Month free trial you will be charged $8.95 Monthly.

Send a fax via email

To send a fax via email to anyone is very easy. You'll just need to login to your email account such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail and more. Email faxing is as easy as sending an ordinary mail. You'll need to enter the destination fax number of your recipient as follow : destinationfax#@fax.send2fax.com where destinationfax# is the fax number of your recipient. For example , if you are faxing to someone at 808-505-8426, you would address the email to 8085058426@fax.send2fax.com. Then, simply type a message in the body of the email then attach the document you want to fax. After attaching the document, you just need to hit the send button to deliver your fax. The fax will be delivered to your recipient in about a minute.

Send a fax via a website

You can send a fax to anyone worldwide by using the Send2Fax website. You'll just need to login to your Send2Fax online account with your username and password for that account. Once you have logged in, click the Send2Fax link followed by the Send2Fax icon located at the top of the screen. You'll then complete the online form and upload the files that you wisj to fax. When you are finished , you just need to hit the send button to deliver your fax.

Receive a fax by email

Faxes sent to your Send2Fax number from other people will be received in your email inbox. To access the faxes that has been sent to you, you'll just need to login to your email account such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc to view your fax. Received faxes will be delivered to you in PDF format. Once received, you can open and read it using adobe acrobat reader or you can save it on your computer for printing or later reading.

Send2Fax Customer service

Send2Fax provide 24/7 phone support amd email support. Send2Fax has a complete FAQ section that provide answers to all possible questions. Send2Fax has a series of video tutorials that will fully explain to you how to send and receive faxes.

Send2Fax 30 days free trial

Send2Fax is currently offering a 30 days free trial to anyone that want to try their services. When you sign up for this 1 Month free trial, You'll be able to send 150 fax pages to anyone worldwide. You'll need a credit card to sign up for the 1 Month free trial. However your credit card will not be charged. If you donot cancel your subscription after the 30 days trial period, your card will be charged $8.85 Monthly.

Send2Fax pricing plan

Send2Fax offer 2 different pricing plan known as the Send2Fax Home office plan and the Send2Fax small Business plan. The two plans are shown below.

Plan Fax pages to send/receive price/Month
Send2Fax Home Office To send 150 free fax pages or receive 150 free fax pages $8.95 Monthly. To send any additional page cost $0.12
Send2Fax Small Business To send 350 free fax pages or receive 350 free fax pages $12.95 Monthly. To send any additional page cost $0.12


Storage Fee

If $0.05 per fax per Month for faxes stored longer than 30 days ( no charge for faxes stored 30 days or less ). To avoid storage fees , "inbound settings" to delete faxes after 30 days automatically.

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Send2Fax 30-day Free Trial!


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