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SmartFax-Cheap Online Fax Service Provider Review 2018

SmartFax is an internet fax service that enable businesses and individuals to send and receive faxes globally using a SmartFax number and an email account. SmartFax enables customers to quickly and easily send a fax from their email address to any fax number worldwide. As a customer you can sign up with SmartFax completely free. During the registration process you'll have to choose your new fax number. Once you have a SmartFax account, you'll be able to send 250 fax pages or receive 250 fax pages per Month. SmartFax is currently providing a 30 days free trial to anyone that want to trial their services. During this trial period you'll be able to send 250 fax pages to any fax number worldwide. After the 30 days trial period you'll be paying an affordable fee of $6.95 per Month.

SmartFax free registration

To create an account with SmartFax is completely free. You just need to go to their website and click the sign up button. You'll then choose your local fax number that you'll be using for sending and receiving your faxes. You'll also need to provide a valid email address. You'll need to provide a valid credit card information during the registration process. Once you've completed the registration process you'll be able to try SmartFax completely free for 30 days. During the trial period you'll be able to send 250 fax pages or receive 250 fax pages. After the trial period if you don't cancel your subscription , your credit card will be charged $6.95 Monthly..

Send a fax by email

To send a fax using your email address you just need to have a fax number and an email account. Login into your email account such as Yahoo Mail , Gmail, Hotmail and more. Click the new message button like you want to send a new email message. In the To Field, you'll need to enter the destination fax number of your recipient in this forma : recipientfaxnumber@smartfax.com where recipient fax number is the fax number of your recipient. For example , to send a fax to the UK fax number +44(0)75551246 , you would enter 4475551246@smartfax.com. Then, simply type a message in the body of the email then attach the file(s) you would like to send and finally click the send button

Send faxes via the SmartFax website

You can also send faxes worldwide by using the SmartFax website. You'll just need to login to your SmartFax account using your username and password. Once you have logged in, click the send fax button and complete the online form and upload the file(s) that you wish to send as fax. When you are finished, you just need to hit the send button to deliver your fax.

Receive faxes in your email

As a SmartFax customer having a SmartFax account, you can receive your faxes from any part of the world directly into your email inbox. All you need is an internet connection. When someone faxes a document to your SmartFax number, the fax arrives in your email inbox as an email attachment. You'll then open the attached file to read it. If the attached file is in PDF format you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the file.

SmartFax Customer support

Send2Fax provide 24/7 phone support amd email support to their customers. They have also provided extensive online help including demos, videos and a complete FAQ section that provide answers to all possible questions.

SmartFax 30 days free trial

SmartFax is currently providing a 30 days free trial to anyone that want to try their services. When you sign up for the 30 days free trial, you'll be able to send 250 fax pages or receive 250 fax pages. However you'll need a valid credit card to sign up for this 1 Month free trial. You'll need to cancel your subscription after your 30 days free trial period or your card will be charged $6.65 Monthly.

SmartFax pricing plan

SmartFax pricing plan is very affordable when compared to other faxing providers. A Monthly charge of $6.65 will be billed upon completion of the free 30 days trial period.

Plan Fax pages to send/receive price/Month
SmartFax Plan Send 250 fax pages or receive 250 fax pages $6.65 Monthly. To send any additional page cost $0.08 per page


If you exceed your pricing plan by sending or receiving more that 250 fax pages per Month then you'll be charged $0.08 per page

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